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4 responses to “terrynewberry.com

  • Shirley

    Terry every time i have a change in my life you send me something taht is related to me. Change is hard,but achievable. How inspirational is this story. My situation cannot compare, thank you for helping me see things as diffrently as possible. I understand my situation better.

    • terry newberry

      Shirley, thank you so much for sharing! An interesting thing about your situation is that it will allow you to grow and change in a way that will allow you to help others who go through similar situations. My best to you! Remember the possiblities…. Terry

  • Buddy Hassler

    Good stuff, Terry. If I didn’t use a “to do” list I would SINK every single day! And you’re correct about those check marks. I’ve also noticed that when I’ve completed my to do list early it helps me to gauge how long those same type tasks will take in the future….effectively helping me manage my lead times on certain things….the same way manufacturing plants calculate lead times for multi-stage projects in production management. 🙂

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