What is The Art of the Question?


One of the management skills I work to master is the Art of the Question.  It is a powerful tool for working with a team.  By asking the right question, a leader is able to guide his or her team to the right answer.  This allows the team member to think through each step of the decision, rather than having the answer provided to them.  The result is that their decision is better thought out and they have ownership in it.

Leading a team this way is a great skill. But recently I began to think about leading myself through the Art of the Question.  What if I asked myself a question every day, and then wrote my answer? What if I used the Question to generate some real soul-searching?  What if my growth on spiritual, intellectual, physical, professional and emotional levels was stimulated, not by to-do lists, but by questions?!  What if the answer was in the question?

Hmmm… maybe I am on to something.

So I am going to ask myself some questions, one at a time.  And I am going to think about my answer, and write down a response.  I already have the questions.  I have printed them, separated them, and put them into a bowl.  I plan to draw them out at random, so I won’t let my mood affect the question I pick.

Hey – how about you? Want to come along? Who knows what you might find out about yourself!

So, here goes….






One response to “What is The Art of the Question?

  • Dubito

    I think you are on to something… Leading (yourself) by questionning I think is a great approach. It stimulates inclusiveness of others, self awareness (and of others), and a humble mindset. I’m writing on doubting and questioning on my blog. Have a look if you’re interested!

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